Zone 2: Contextualized Skills Training

Contextualized Skills Training

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Contextualized Skills training programs can be aimed at:

⇒ Multidisciplinary teams with a primary focus of management and clinical decision-making

⇒ Programs seeking deliberate practice opportunities

Courses often take the form of:

⇒ A 2-3 hour mixed teaching methods approach including both skill components and team dynamics

⇒ 1-hour scenario and debrief with more than one discipline with typically a range of levels among clinicians


Let’s Build the Course

⇒ Step 1: Submit proposal

⇒ Step 2: Request an initial meeting

⇒ Step 3: Perform a needs assessment

⇒ Step 4: Build your course

⇒ Step 5: Pilot your scenarios (Connect with assigned SIM Tech)

⇒ Step 6: Huddle prior to first course

⇒ Step 7: Launch your new course

⇒ Step 8: Review feedback and update accordingly


Some examples across the SIMPeds Community:

⇒ PACU Skills SIM

⇒ Anesthesia Fellows Curriculum

⇒ Pulmonary Boot Camp

⇒ ED Fellows Curriculum

⇒ Parent Presence: PERCS Partnership


Creating opportunities for practice swings.