Zone 3: Team Training

Team Training


⇒ Our more than 34 Team Training Programs run throughout the hospital among over 26 divisions and departments.

⇒ They are interdisciplinary from conception to design to implementation with active involvement of all sub-specialties in the debriefing process.

⇒ Course times typically range from anywhere between 4 to 6 hours.

⇒ To ensure safe, structured environment all facilitators must be trained in the Art of Simulation and Debriefing.

⇒ Courses are based on a standardized turn key solution which allows for rapid upstart of high quality courses. Additionally, adaptation of a standard approach creates a common language of crisis management throughout the hospital.


Let’s Build the Course:

⇒ Step 2: Request an initial meeting

⇒ Step 3: Perform a needs assessment

⇒ Step 4: Build your course (2-3 hour retreat)

⇒ Step 5: Pilot your scenarios (schedule 1-2 hour time block)

⇒ Step 6: Huddle prior to first course

⇒ Step 7: Launch your new course

⇒ Step 8: Review feedback and update accordingly


Some examples across the SIMPeds Community:



⇒ Ortho CRICO

⇒ Surgical Programs CRM


“A Team is made and broken by the relationships between its members. Human factors are at the root of our decision making.”