Zone 0: Pure Technical Skills

Technical Skills training programs are aimed at teaching specific clinical skills within a brief course/time period



Courses often take the form of:

⇒ Short-form 1-2 hour practice opportunities


These highly specialized training sessions can also include:

⇒ Independent practice at the convenience of busy participants

⇒ Side-by-side experience with heavy facilitator involvement


Let’s Build the Course:

⇒ Step 1: Submit proposal

⇒ Step 2: Request an initial meeting

⇒ Step 3: Perform a needs assessment

⇒ Step 4: Build your course

⇒ Step 5: Pilot your scenarios (Connect with assigned SIM Tech)

⇒ Step 6: Huddle prior to first course

⇒ Step 7: Launch your new course

⇒ Step 8: Review feedback and update accordingly


Some examples from across the SIMPeds Community

Orthopedic Surgical Skills Training

⇒ NICU Dialysis Skill Session: CRRT

Harvard Medical School Pediatric Clerkship

⇒ Echocardiography: Cardiac ECHO SIM


Creating opportunities for practice swings.