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International Center Development

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SIMPeds is built on the framework of a “professional organization within a professional organization” and for the past 7 years it has assisted in the building of >12 programs in 7 countries around the globe. The work is achieved through the adaptation of rigorous policies and procedures guiding every step – from faculty development, to curricula and scenario design. The focus on the launch of successful courses and building blocks of strong programs.

Collaborative projects are sized to overall scope and take the form of anywhere between 1 and 5 year projects – designed in 6 month deliverables.


Some highlights of our SIM International Center Work:

  1. All projects are comprehensive and goal and success oriented
  2. Founded on active collaboration between international collaborating institution (ICI) and BCHSP (SIMPeds) through a mixture of on-site (2-3 weeks/yr) and offsite E-communication
  3. Projects duration typically 2-3 years to complete, with specific 6 month deliverables and accompanying reports of progress.
  4. Goal is to build SIMTrain + one other division (SIMTest or SIMNetwork) within the project time frame.
  5. Core Activities include Faculty Development (TTT Workshops delivered directly to ICI, dedicated specifically to pediatric/perinantal medicine with focus on simulation state of art and debriefing across curricular types).
  6. ICI visits are well coordinated with activities devoted to meetings, course work, infrastructure review, technology and expanding market and buy in for you home institution.
  7. Specific Course Needs Assessments, Design, Implementation and Launch based on BCH established materials then adapted to culture and language
  8. Overarching goal is to produce a Pediatric Simulation Center of Excellence in ICI home country, and the Region as a Benchmark.
  9. All work and materials are delivered in native language through Simultaneous Translation from expert interpreter team.