Karen Conwell, RN, MSN, CPNP Uses Simulation to Increase Nurse Confidence and Knowledge for the Real World

Authored by Karen Conwell, MSN, RN, CPNP

Posted on January 23, 2018


Clinical Education and Informatics partnered with Shelly Pignataro, MSN, RN-BC and SIMPeds in 2016 to develop simulation scenarios focusing on the role of the nurse practitioner and nurse in managing the critical moments of critical events. The simulation allows participants to break down what would normally be a fast moving crisis in order to examine their performance. The pilot results were so positive the simulation became an official part of the APN orientation in August 2017.


How has training for nurses been augmented with simulation?


Pilot results:

  • NPs felt an increased comfort level with speaking up in an event or being an event manager and in managing patient deterioration by having clearer role assignment and identification
  • Participants felt that simulation increased their comfort level with communication and as a result is a valued aspect of managing patient deterioration
  • Participants felt an increased understanding of the scope of practice related to the NP role in managing patient deterioration

The official APN orientation for new NP’s curriculum includes:

  • Zone 1 Principles of SIMPeds which orients participants to new or rarely used skills, allows participants to refresh skills related to high-risk, low frequency events with supported debriefing, and the ability to break-down clinical decision making skills within safe environment
  • Comprehensive, fast-paced practice opportunities that maximize limited time for busy practitioner

2017 Effectiveness Survey Results

More than 88% reported that:

  • The didactic component on CRM  increased confidence and was beneficial to their practice
  • The simulation provided them the opportunity to practice their clinical decision making skills
  • Better prepared them to respond to changes in their patient’s condition
  • Gained new information from participating in the simulation
“The simulation at SIMPeds creates a safe environment for nurses to learn from each other. Having the opportunity for new credentialed NP’s with various backgrounds to experience event management and increase organizational awareness and confidence within the scope of their practice is an amazingly effective learning technique.”




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