SIMPeds 3D Print


SIMPeds Rapid 3D Print and Prototyping Service


1. What is SIMPeds3D?

SIMPeds rapid 3D print and prototyping service is BCH’s in-house rapid 3D printing and prototyping service for surgical pre-planning, pediatric device discovery, production and research. State of the art printers, machines, radiologic and technical expertise. All under one roof — right here.


2. What can be printed?

Nearly anything. Any anatomy that can be visibly distinguished on CT/MR can be 3D printed as well as mechanical devices and products. With the additional of special effects expertise, “feel” and materials can often also be crafted to reflect the real thing.


3. I want to print a pre-surgical model, what type of imaging do I need?

Optimal imaging is critical to process. See SIMPeds3D guide on imaging modality and slice thickness here.


4. How long does it take to get a print?

To ensure delivery 1 week prior to surgery, plan to submit your request form approximately 4 weeks ahead.  Please contact us directly regarding emergency cases at


5. How do I get started?

Simply log-in to using your BCH username/password and select “SIMPeds3D Print Request” under Request Forms tab.


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