The SIMPeds Headquarters is a 3500 ft2 state-of-the-art simulation and experiential learning facility located on the BCH campus. Utilizing Broadway and Hollywood stage design techniques, the SIMPeds HQ was created as a fully transformable “set” including multifunctional simulation rooms, collaborative spaces and the administrative core. The facility provides an ultra realistic space for preparedness training for clinicians, patients and families within a safe, structured and comfortable environment.


Our testing spans pre-construction design to pre-opening readiness testing. It is also used to determine where new equipment should be placed in existing space and to perform surveillance in order to surface latent safety threats in areas that are already in operation. While other hospitals might build a cardboard city or simply walk through an existing space, BCH performs mock medical scenarios that are designed to stress the environment. You are no longer intellectualizing the operation and design, you’re actually doing it.

Through simulation you are able to determine if rooms are right sized, if nurses have sight lines during crisis situations, where doorways make sense when a space is stressed, and how design affects patients and their families. Structured debriefing sessions provide a framework to address conflicts between competing camps involved in design decisions.


Range of SIMTest Applications

In the media

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— For this project, we started working with the architects in the early design phase of the new building to say how can we enhance the design process from even very early on to identify things that might be problematic and correct them before they get built,” said Catherine Allan, clinical director of the Boston Children’s Hospital simulator program and a staff physician in cardiac intensive care unit.

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— This will be really helpful in the design process,” said Andre Kamili, an architect at Shepley Bulfinch. “If you just do a paper design, you will find something doesn’t work. Doing it this way is actually cost-saving.”



— Milford Regional Medical Center teamed with Boston Children’s Hospital in October for a series of simulations to familiarize staff with the new emergency department and test the readiness of the new facility prior to opening.



— Weeks before Boston Children’s Hospital at Milford Regional Medical Center opened its doors to a new Emergency Department on October 28, a few special patients had already been treated. There was a woman who went into premature labor, a child who accidentally overdosed on medication, and a man with a bacterial infection, among others.

































SIMTest in action